Yoga Workshops & Classes

 Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation Classes

West Coast Yoga and Pilates Studio, Whitehaven

Sundays 10:00 – 12:00

Classes taught in 4 week blocks



My pregnancy classes explore how Yoga postures, breathing and meditation can be supportive during pregnancy, easing common pregnancy discomforts, preventing back pain and reducing tension and anxiety. Alongside yoga practice, we explore how postures, breathing and meditation can prepare us to approach labour feeling excited, empowered and prepared.

Small class numbers provide a safe and welcoming environment for women to connect with one another, to create new friendships which will nurture them on their journey into motherhood, and to share feelings, hopes and experiences both of pregnancy and approaching labour and birth.

Classes Include:

  • Flowing postures to increase strength and flexibility, prevent and release back pain and other pregnancy discomforts and build energy and fitness.

  • Simple breathing practices relieve stress and anxiety and create a sense of inner calm, focus and inner strength which can be called upon in labour and times of stress or worry.

  • Of equal importance is the time spent stilling our mind from the busyness of everyday life and turning our attention inwards to connect with our baby. Through connecting with our baby during pregnancy we lay the foundations for one of the most important relationships of life and help ourselves to prepare for birth, for meeting our baby and our mothering journey.

  • Optimal Foetal Positioning where we explore how postures can encourage our baby to come into the most favourable position for birth

  • Exploration of how yoga postures, breathing, movements, visualisations and sound can support us during labour and birth, encouraging us to feel confident, excited and empowered however and wherever our baby is born.

  • Class teaching is supported with a range of resources and booklets which nurture your pregnancy journey.

  • Small class sizes allow time for women to share feelings, fears, hopes and experiences and to grow and share in a supportive group of other pregnant mums.

clareAbout Clare

I am a mother of three and an experienced Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga teacher. I am passionate about nurturing and supporting women during pregnancy, labour and mothering. Yoga has been of immense support during my own pregnancies, and has enabled me to feel supported, empowered and confident during my own pregnancies and births. I am passionate about women’s choice in birth, and have found Yoga to help me feel calm, strong and empowered when I have given birth at home, in hospital and in water.

Alongside my Yoga training with the British Wheel of Yoga, I am also a Doula, having trained with the exceptional Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, bringing much of their wisdom into my teaching. I am passionate about breastfeeding, and have trained as a Mother Supporter with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, as well as running the Beautiful Beginnings Natural Parenting Group for five years.

My first book, Milestones of Motherhood brings together the voices of over 50 women and explores how mothering can be a journey of great growth and transformation for women.


bb-home-page-blurb-yogaClass Booking

Classes are suitable from 16 weeks of pregnancy to birth

No previous experience of yoga necessary, and experienced Yoga students are also very welcome.

Classes are paid for in 4 week blocks, and can be paid weekly from 36 weeks

To book, or to find out more, please contact:

Clare 07906 188 345

Julie (Studio)  0791 2689 797

West Coast Yoga and Pilates Studio

Yoga To Nurture And Restore

West Coast Yoga and Pilates Studio, Whitehaven

Sunday 4th Dec 10:00-1:00


At the time of year when many of us are at our most frazzled, this three hour workshop will explore how we can use Yoga to nurture ourselves, restoring our sense of peace and balance through mind, body and emotions. So much of life is about giving; giving our time, love and energy to our work, our children, our families, and it is surprising how little time there can be for us to receive; that is to give to ourselves. Yet if we do not, we risk depleting our inner resources which can leave us feeling stressed, exhausted and feeling guilty as we are unable to give the best of ourselves to the people and projects we love.

During the workshop we will explore how Yoga can help us redress this balance through:

  • Identifying barriers to nurturing ourselves
  • Postures to release tension and stress
  • Flowing practices to release energy and build strength and flexibility
  • Develop awareness of our mental patterns and the value of affirmations to encourage nurturing thinking
  • The value and effectiveness of breathing practices in transforming our inner experiences
  • Restorative practices to cultivate our inner reserves of peace, love and connection


If you would like more details, or to book a place please contact the West Coast Yoga and Pilates Studio via their Facebook Page or on 07912 689797