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Pregnancy Yoga Breathing Practices & Relaxations

Breathing Practices

1. Breathe Deep  

This is a simple breathing practice to encourage the breath deep into the body, to help us find space to breathe in later pregnancy, to let go of anxiety and connect with our baby


2. Peace Release Breathing

Our inhale brings PEACE and our EXHALE the opportunity to RELEASE. This is a beautiful, simple practice to bring feelings of mental calm and physical relaxation with every breath. A great practice to be used during relaxation, to bring some calm and connection at any point in the day, and a wonderful tool to practice and rely on during labour in the quiet moments between the intensity of contractions.


Pregnancy Relaxations

1. Pregnancy Yoga Relaxation

Relaxation is one of the most important ways of caring for ourselves and connecting with our babies during pregnancy. Use relaxations as a time to turn off your phone, close the door and let go of the busy activities of the outer world. Allow yourself to release tension and stress from mind and body, signal to your nervous system that all is well and just now stress hormones are not needed, and welcome feelings of inner calm, connection and wellbeing.


2. Peaceful Sleep Pregnancy Relaxation

Sleep and worries about sleeping can be a source of anxiety during pregnancy. Exhaustion makes the days hard work and our minds can become over active and anxious during the night. We can use relaxation as a tool to manage our anxiety, bringing feelings of softening and release through our body and feelings of calm wellbeing to our mind. Use this pattern of relaxation to settle to sleep, and learn the simple pattern to use whenever you wake. Even if we cannot always fall straight back to sleep, we can use the time we are awake to practice relaxation, soften our body and connect with our babies. This is also a really supportive habit to get into once our babies are here and we are up often feeding and comforting through the night. We might not always get as much sleep as we like, but we can consciously soften our body, and use the PEACE RELEASE breath to cultivate our inner reserves of calm and connection.


More relaxations, breathing practices and birth preparation audios coming soon 🙂

Alongside Milestones of Motherhood which explores how motherhood is a path of growth and transformation for women, I am also working on my Pregnancy Yoga Book Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation. If you felt Yoga supported and inspired you during your pregnancy, labour, birth and mothering and would like to share your birth story and experiences in the book, I would love to hear from you.

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