Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga, Cumbria ~ A Journey Of Connection

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes, Whitehaven, Cumbria

Sundays 10:00 – 12:00, West Coast Yoga Studio, Whitehaven.

Suitable from 16 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Booking Essential

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Returning to teaching Pregnancy Yoga after a break from teaching to have my third baby and write Milestones Of Motherhood I am reminded why I Love this so much, and why it is valuable to women on so many levels. In its essence, Yoga teaches us of unity and connection through mind, body and breath and the practices bring many benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health and spiritual unfolding. Yet during pregnancy, such connection has the potential to be beyond anything we have previously experienced as we experience the deep and mysterious connection with our baby growing in our womb; the physical and the spiritual combine as our baby, a tiny being in his or her own right, begins life within our body.

bb-home-page-blurb-yogaYet as pregnant women, we are rarely pregnant in a bubble and the busyness and demands of the outside world continue to bear their weight upon us, demanding as much from us as ever before. It is easy to see how we can become depleted and exhausted, struggling to continue our lives as before whilst the joys and challenges of pregnancy play out within our bodies, minds and feelings. We may take time to prepare the baby clothes, nappies and nurseries, yet let us not overlook the importance of caring for our minds and bodies as we ourselves truly are our baby’s first home.

Taking a little time to practice pregnancy yoga ring fences a little time and space where our focus is solely upon ourselves and our baby. It is from this precious time that we can begin to nurture ourselves as mothers, care for our bodies and minds, connect with our baby and prepare ourselves for birth and motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga is a gift to ourselves and our unborn babies and can set the tone of self-nurturing which is of vital importance in our unfolding journey as mothers. Pregnancy Yoga  can bring the following benefits;

  • Time to focus on our physical body, to be aware of how our bodies are changing and to use yoga practices to ease tension, ease stiffness and aches and pains, prevent back pain and enhance our strength, balance, flexibility and overall health.


  • Pregnancy Yoga explores the process of labour and birth and each session gives the opportunity to explore how different yoga postures, breathing and visualisation can support us during all aspects of labour and birth. Women learn how to work with their bodies and their labour, rather than working against themselves, and have a safe space within which to talk about their feelings towards labour, birth and mothering with others. Women approach labour with experience of a wide range of postures and practices which they can draw upon in labour, and women say this enables them to feel excited and confident as the big day approaches. Drawing upon my experience of training as a doula with Michel Odent, I often talk about the needs of women in labour and the ways we and our partners can help to ensure these needs are met wherever and however we choose to give birth.


  • Similarly, the strength and flexibility developed through pregnancy yoga supports women post-natally as the simple stretches, breathing practices and postures can nurture the body at the time when it needs it most. Similarly we can return to the simple breathing practices to release stress and tension, to nurture ourselves during breastfeeding and to manage anxiety and exhaustion as we learn the path of mothering.


  • Alongside the many physical benefits, yoga teaches us to be aware of our thoughts; we learn how to recognise our mental patterns of anxiety or worry, and explore alternatives, such as breathing, affirmations and visualisations which enable us to begin to cultivate positive patterns of thinking which are more nurturing towards ourselves and our children. Similarly, we can choose to turn away from the mainstream thinking of fear and pain surrounding labour and birth, and instead cultivate an inner world of positivity and love in our preparations to meet our baby.


  • One of the most beautiful benefits of pregnancy yoga, both as a teacher and a pregnant mother, is creating the time and space for women to focus solely upon their baby. Life is busy, especially so if we have children already, and we can feel like the weeks of pregnancy whizz by and we barely have time to think about this new baby, and then of course the guilt sets in. Yet what the pregnancy yoga offers is the chance to connect, using our breath as the bridge, and cultivate an inner world of love, sharing and connection with our unborn child. Research shows that our babes in-utero share our feelings, so imagine their delight as we connect with them from a place of unconditional love, welcome and excitement. Connecting with our baby during pregnancy works to form us as mothers; we learn to make space for our baby in our body, mind, heart, home and relationships. We can nurture the bond and relationship with our baby every day of our pregnancy by simply connecting with her, sharing our time and attention with her and wrapping her in our love, paving the way for our relationship to continue to blossom as we receive her into our arms at birth.


Nurturing ourselves is something many of us find difficult, for many reasons, and it can feel difficult to find the time amongst all the things we are busy with, yet just a few minutes of conscious breathing, hands gently resting upon the curve of your belly, connecting with your baby within, can wholly rearrange your inner world. Likewise, a few cat postures and gentle stretches can relieve tension and prevent back pain building up through the day.


I genuinely love teaching Pregnancy Yoga and feel honoured and blessed to work with women at this special time. Discovering the gentle, nurturing approaches of Pregnancy Yoga are not only wonderfully supportive during pregnancy, but can bring forth a new, beautiful, beginning in your relationship with yourself and your children, and can bring you sustenance and support throughout your years of mothering.


I am excited to be teaching again, especially in the beautiful West Coast Yoga and Pilates Studio in Whitehaven, Cumbria which is warm and welcoming, provides all yoga equipment and has plenty of parking.

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