Putting dishes away the other day, an empty glass caught my eye. Something about this glass seemed to really resonate with me. The way it sparkled, so inviting and clear. It spoke of potential.

We are used to speaking of the metaphorical glass half full, or half empty, yet what about the totally empty glass?

Rather than focusing upon the emptiness, rather what this glass whispered to me was the promise of potential, of new beginnings, and of new possibilities.

We can fill the glass with whatever we choose.

My last post explored how we can support our children to navigate change and to see change as the opportunity to create new things in our lives. And it seems that the glass symbolised this too… when an empty space appears in our lives, perhaps from a result of changing circumstances, once we have overcome our feelings about the change, the space created is rich with potential.

We are free to create whatever we like in the space symbolised by the glass.

We can use our minds in the same way. Rather than keeping the constant roundabout of thoughts, worries, plans, things to do trawling around and around our minds, instead we can take some time to breathe, to let go and to connect with a deeper place of stillness. We can find the quiet, empty space within, the space symbolised by that pure, sparkling glass, a vessel rich with potential. And we can decide what we would like to create and nurture within this space.

For we are that empty, sparkling glass, rich with potential. Our minds, our hearts, our bodies, our souls.

We can choose to release all of the thoughts, the negativity, the anxiety, the pressure, the preconceptions and expectations, the resentment and emotions which clutter up our inner being, and we can, through gentle Yoga, breathing and meditation, re-connect once more with our pure, quiet, rich inner space.

And into this space we can choose to invite whatever we would like to nurture and create into being.

We do this in the Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Prep classes simply by watching the breath and learning to still the mind by going somewhere deeper than the busyness of it all. We follow our breathing deep, deep down, and begin to become accustomed to that quiet inner place that exists beyond the usual froth of our thoughts, feelings, fears and plans.

And into this space we feel the heartfelt, beautiful connection with our unborn child. We share the peace and togetherness. And then we imagine the qualities we would like to create and nurture to become the cornerstones of our family life. And then we see these qualities as a tiny seed, tiny seeds of potential, potential of love, joy, togetherness, intuition, peace, strength. And little by little we nurture these seeds and watch them grow into reality as we create them first in the rich stillness of our mind, and then through our dedicated action in the world.

Of course you don’t need to be a pregnant mum to use your mind in this way to create the nurturing qualities you would like to bring to their full potential. We can harness this power at any time in our lives, and instead of seeking to fill our glass from outside, instead we can connect with our own place of inner stillness, and then begin to nurture the qualities which really resonate with the truth of our own heart, the calling of our own soul.

This energy of starting afresh, of seeing the potential of new beginnings, of re-visioning emptiness as hope and newness can bring a real sense of new, fresh energy into our lives. Things don’t have to plod along as ever before. We are creators, and we can look within, and around our lives, our work, our parenting and we can fill these spaces with new, fresh ideas. We can explore our inner potential and bring this to life by expressing our creativity, energy and potential and sharing it in the spaces we live and work.

This feels so strong for me at the moment, I’m currently setting up a new Family Forest School, bringing a sense of newness, excitement and adventure into the woods as we experiment with woodland crafts, tools, firelighting and making adventure courses amongst the trees. And similarly, having moved my Pregnancy Yoga classes to a new venue, I’m seeing this empty space as potential; how I can fill the room with fairy lights, beautiful pregnancy statues, and images of strength, connection and empowerment that will resonate with the pregnant mums who come along to connect with their babies and their own sense of power and intuition.

Our potential to create is infinite. And we can share with the world the beauty and energy we would like to see around us. Connect to your own potential within, listen to what you find in those moments of stillness. And when you find the places of space and emptiness around you, see these as invitations to manifest a little more of the beauty of your soul out into the physical world.

Be the change you would like to see. And share the beauty of your inner soul wisdom with the world.

Clare x