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Beautiful Beginnings is in transition…


We will no longer hold weekly playgroup meet ups at The Settlement, but will be meeting up out and about around the beautiful beaches and parks of West Cumbria over the following months.

You can find the details of meets from the Beautiful Beginnings Parent and Child Group on Facebook.


There are exciting new plans in the pipeline as Beautiful Beginnings transitions to a Forest School. Check the blog for updates over the coming months.



Beautiful Begnnings West Cumbria


Beautiful Beginnings and treasured memories; we have grown as a group together, shared the joys and the challenges of family life, held the space for one another over the years and created a community of friendship for both ourselves and our children to grow and unfold within. Let us walk forwards and explore the new chapter of Beautiful Beginnings Forest School Together…







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Clare finds inspiration for her writing through mothering, breastfeeding, conscious and connected parenting, Yoga and the natural world.


Clare’s articles feature regularly in natural parenting magazine The Mother.


She is currently writing her first book Milestones of Motherhood which explores the change and transformation women experience through nurturing their children.



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